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Coadaptive def:
Co-a-dapt-ed | adjective biology | mutually adapted; mutually accommodating.

Our studio sees each project and its particular constraints as a unique opportunity to evolve the existing. In collaboration with our clients we explore missed opportunities and find new ways to leverage limited resources in order to find the best solution for what they require. We aim not only to create beautifully articulated spaces, but methods that co-adapt their needs with the environments.

CO Adaptive Architecture was founded in 2011 as a process oriented practice, with a focus on retrofitting our existing building stock for energy efficiency and resiliency. We are passionate about the Passive House design methodology and pay as much attention to the embodied energy of the materials used in our designs as we do to ensuring the functionality and durability of the buildings we work on remain for decades to come. We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide each of our clients, with our role of listening and innovating, with every project we take on.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to the design process. We use BIM (Building Information Modeling) for even our smallest projects, which allows the design to come to life in three dimensions from the get go. This enables us to help our clients visualize the scheme as it comes together, and ensures all aspects are three-dimensionally considered and designed. In addition, we do thorough cost estimating at each project phase, to ensure that what is planned comes in on budget. All of the filing with the Department of Buildings is done in-house, which establishes a streamlined permitting process, and a comprehensive relationship between code and vision. We believe that a successful project is equal parts good design, thorough planning, and technical know-how.
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