Shape/Shifters is an interactive game of reflection, interpretation, and imagination, designed to cultivate empathy.

The game is comprised of 20 Activity Cards which initiate storytelling, drawing, and discussion. Play a round of Shape/Shifters as an introductory exercise among strangers, a team building process between colleagues, or as a creative activity with family. Together players practice becoming Shape/Shifters, able to embody and empathize with diverse perspectives.

Shape/Shifters is an evolving project by Sarah Gunawan and friends, with Activity Card contributions from W. Connor O’Grady and Kalyn Faller.

Shape/Shifters workshop as part of the New Normal(s) Exhibition at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning on May 15, 2018. 
Shape/Shifters workshop, hosted in collaboration with Randy Fernando and the Intersight 20 Committee, in Buffalo, NY on March 9, 2018.